What Will You Choose?

What highway will you choose
to get away and loose;
From the road of pack
left behind of no luck?
Will you take the forward
with trials waiting so hard,
or in contrary direction
you think has an easy solution?
Will you remain in darkness
of lost and no chances;
Or follow the brightest star
to show the place where you are?
Will you still wish forever
in a lonely, cold corner
when your dreams are here
to make you future be clear?

Will you accept you’re a coward
from the things pulling you downward?
Know that God gave you this test
coz’ He knew you’ll be the best.
Will you take you’re a loser
when you haven’t tried to be a player
in a game full of difficulties
called life contains all the mysteries?
Will you always shut your door
and dumped your body on the floor
to get away from wild exertion
that possibly a good information?
Will you keep forgetting why you’re here
in this world full of different fear?
Then I say, you’re here to fulfill your labor;
accomplish them and dedicate to your creator.


Note: This poem is made on the 17th October of 2012. I was in my second year in college and I got started to be depressed in everything. I know I can do anything and be the best on those times but I am doing the opposite. My insecurity is so evident that time that I started to skipped classes and pretend I’m doing perfectly fine when I am not.