This is Our Kind of Friendship

I missed all of the days of

hanging out after classes,

laughing about our madness,

weeping so fearless,

resenting some malice’s,

cherishing the sweetness;

I love all of our days of

writing all the shared secrets,

memorizing experience,

helping build defenses,

blaming that we found useless,

pretending what not happens.

Then there were afternoons of

leaving home wordless,

staring beyond those glasses,

reconciling our illness,

missing days of absences,

smiling out for warm nearness.

And of course, there are times of

fighting over no nonsense,

hearts leaving with emptiness,

saying hurtful in hisses,

ignoring what we misses

until our heads are cloudless.

But in the end, the days of

listening to advice’s,

promoting good confidence,

helping on each others mess,

hoping for new happiness,

praying for each others wellness,

promising friendships endless

and unwavering poem-ING

are part of our kind of friendship.



Note: I made this poem years ago when I suddenly missed my high school friends. After re-writing this today, I realized February is our appointed celebration of our friendship. So instead of love month, this is our Friendship month. I’m not sure if my friends could still remember that fact but I made sure they knew it since I posted it in my Facebook and tagged them.