Sleep Well, Basaur

In your sleep,

you’re in peace.

You don’t wheeze,

you don’t sneeze

from the breeze

softly kiss

your old frizz.


In your sleep,

our hearts ripped.

Tears on lips,

ears go weep

when you keep

your soft whip

lying stiff.


In your sleep,

do you see

the love we

gave, the glee

you gave? We

love you, B

than sorry.


In your sleep,

now bark free.

Like a bee,


run to lea.

And on each tree

we know you’ll pee.



Note: This poem was made in summer of 2009 when our dog named Balbasaur – short of Basaur died. It was morning and was about to go to school when it happened and I tried so hard to not cry in attending my classes that time. I know, obviously, we named our dog after a Pokemon. Haha. Anyway, this is not really the original poem I made while I’m tears in one of my class. This is a revision and there’s going to be a lot of poems I would post here in my blog in the coming days that is not as original as I had first written. That’s a heads-up guys. ^^