Missing Stars

Once, they were universe full of stars
A dark velvet, glimmers in tiny light.
But as time moves on like cars
One by one, finding them is a fight.
Then, as if a Big Bang occurred again.
These eyes feast guiltily on such wonder.
Those stars never left, nor move a pin.
‘Coz going to another spot is a bother.

… until selfishness was pushed back to darkness.

Again, stars were missing to behold.
This heart is lamenting of such loss.
Though the only way, truth to be told,
to hold up high again the nose
is to open the heavy door, and step outside
where no roof is blocking the sky so wide.



Note: We have this little patio/garden in our house full of my mother’s orchids and other plants. But since yesterday, my father hired a worker to put some roof on it. All of a sudden, I felt like we were imprisoned in the darkness. I felt like it’s not good for our home to be in the dark because we are so used to in so much light from the sun. Aside from that, I felt bad for my mother’s plants. Those green leaves were a cure to our tired eyes and they were surely die for lack of sunshine. The plan is now almost finish and my heart is crying because I won’t be able to stargaze again. T^T As much as I want to object I can’t because my father will be mad and will take it to heart to the point he won’t talk to me or to us for several days or a week. So, here I lament the loss of my wonder in a poem.