About Me

I was a little girl when my interest in reading started. It all happened when I was about four or five years old in the province of Bataan where me, my little brother, and my mother temporarily stays in my mother’s relatives after my parents quarreled. My aunt(my mother’s cousin) have this books displayed like they were bread and pastries on sale and I was taking a look of them when my aunt told me to pick whatever I want to read. I can’t remember if I was hesitant at the offer but I’m pretty sure I got a book in my hand. I actually have a picture of it, though I have to look for it first so please bear with me.

The day I started to like books when me and my family went to the house of my grandmother(my mother’s aunt). They have this mini library where there are a lot of encyclopedia books carefully placed on the shelves. But what captured my attention most was a couple of pocketbooks. It was a Harlequin one and started reading it at the most comfortable couch I have ever sat on. But it was noisy that time and can’t get into the story so I mentally made a promise I would continue to read that story until I finish it. And I did. It was a story of a young girl falling in love to her guardian, and it took time before they became one. Since then, I am fond of reading books.

Then there is my hand – excited to move the pencil to make a beautiful art in alphabets. I was already in second or third grade and I am not taught yet how to write the alphabets in curves when I saw my aunt(another cousin of my mother) sitting in front of her office table and writing some details in her pad paper which I later on I discovered it’s an official receipt pad of her business. I got fond watching her hands move fast and precise, and I like how beautiful she had written those letters on her papers. From there, I practiced a lot on achieving a perfect penmanship for myself.
And then, in summer of my fourth grade anime when Son Goku in Dragon Ball, Tsukino Usagi from Sailor Moon, and Ghost Fighter’s Yuusuke was introduced to me by our local channel and dubbed in country’s language. I know right on that those shows isn’t like the Mickey Mouse or Flintstones type of show because of their animation and the story that makes us feel happy, mad, excited, and cliff-hangers, and it didn’t take us long to realize those shows we’re from Japan and it was called an anime. And with that, I became fan of anime and the stories they give to us.

Entering high school. In my sophomore year when my love in reading, my fondness in writing a lot and my growing admiration in anime come together. I started to dream of being a writer. My imagination was starting to weave stories that my hands can’t wait to put them down on the paper. I made my first story in fifty pages of yellow ruled paper. I let my friend read it and asked her how well my work is, and she said I can get my story publish. So, it gave me a boost. I wanted to be a writer. The question is how. It took me more or less than a decade how to publish my story and that was the time when computer and internet is starting to be known in the country. I became a bibliophile in my college years while my hand is more than excited to buy new pens and pad papers or notebook plus I’d rather watch anime than our local teledrama shows.

It was quite a dream and I thought I’m already there in seeing my name in a book. But it wasn’t. Everything crashed down because of my immaturity. (Maybe, soon I’ll laid down how stubborn I was and how became a loser.)
However, I didn’t lose my passion in reading, writing and anime despite that my mother always told me how wasted I am in writing stories, reading books, and watching anime’s that she took as a childish thing.

And that is the prologue of my pen and paper adventure.