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Joining the Writing Contest for the First Time

I am definitely feeling the pressure and the stress as well.


There is a young adult story writing contest and, me and my new friends were very determined to join. From this day, we only have 44 days left before the end of story submission. The word count is ranging from 40k to 50k. I am planning to finish my entry on or before June 30 so I will have an extra time to edit and check the missing piece of my story before submitting it.

Joining the contest is enough pressure for me since it’s my first time, but creating a story that the young generations would appreciate is stressful.

I have three stories suitable for young adult and they have a little taste of fantasy. My only problem is I don’t know which one of those worlds should I go to and make a journey with my character. It’s scary but I have to do one of them to see what really lies ahead.


Today, I don’t have enough strength to write anything (aside from this) so I’m planning to read a young adult book that I have in my shelf. That way this pressure or stress I’m feeling right now turns into inspiration and enthusiasm to work.

Or should I go eat first to calm my nerves?