Waiting is Such a Pain


I am so anxious right now, and I can’t continue to write the story I’m working on nor continue to read the book I just started to open. My entire creativity is somewhere else, wondering if I made it on the list for the three upcoming workshop I signed in. There’s a writing workshop for young adults, for writing romance, and for writing an erotic one. I registered for those workshop thru email(because that was the instruction) and not a single one of them hasn’t replied yet if I’m on the list to attend the workshop or not.

Actually, I perfectly understand why it’s taking so long to get a reply from them. There’s a lot of writers like me who wants to attend the workshop and submit the application form and they were having a hard time in screening and choosing the people they will accept to join the event. I also know I have to be patient, and wait. But I really feel so restless. I can’t focus in my craft. And what’s more crazy is there were few of concepts worth writing was shaping in my mind right now yet I can’t write them down even for a few sentence, and it’s kinda frustrating me.



I’m falling asleep now. I don’t know if someone will understand this rant of mine. But one thing is for sure. I have to continue to work and sharpen my writing skills despite of the painful wait. I’ll write again tomorrow and I have to overcome this restlessness.


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