It’s Hard But I’m Not Quitting

These past few weeks I’m focused in registering for the upcoming writing workshop that will be conducted every weekend next month by a particular publishing company. Actually, it’s been my dream to publish all my story in their company and just last year I finally made it. I went to their last workshop and I learned a lot, finally met my favorite authors, and made new friends. Now, this summer I am hoping to discover a lot of new things in terms of writing a good story.

Okay. So I’m done in sending my application for the workshop and all I have to do is wait for their confirmation if I’m included in the workshop. Then, shall I focus to find a proper job?

Well, writing is a craft, an art. But if you’re not a heiress like Paris Hilton or have princess life like the Duchess of Cambridge, and you don’t have a family who supports you then a writer’s life is damn hard. Trust me, I exactly know how to be a jobless writer.
I’m not sure if you, the reader of this particular post, would see my point. The thing is I have my personal needs but I can’t buy those needs because I’m jobless. Publishing a book needs a lot of time for perfecting our own formula in writing. Writer’s always needs to re-write a single story a couple of times until the publisher got satisfied in our work. But our every day needs doesn’t have forever to wait. We have to buy our own clothes, toiletries, etc., paying bills(to be specific since laptops/PC needs power in writing), food to eat in between of writing, and some savings to use for a short vacation, buy some books, watch movies or go to concerts, hanging out with friends(you know, some stuff to release a bountiful of stress in writing). There’s a lot of things that a writer needs but I can’t do anything of those because I’m jobless and I’m ashamed of it. But I’m not ashamed of being a writer, let’s make that one thing clear, okay?



Anyway, I realized I have to get a formal job because I can’t rely to my family all the time. Sooner or later my family will rely on me especially my parents since they’re not getting younger anymore. I know I have to do something. I may not get married someday but at least I have a stable job that I can rely on to get my basic needs.

And that, my folks, is my current situation for being stubborn to be a writer only and not get a another job. Sad, no? But I’m not quitting, that I am sure about myself.


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