If I’m not Writing a Story, I’m Reading Another Story


It’s been three months since I last posted in my blog. And I do nothing but to read novels. And according in my Goodreads, in spans of four months, I have read 6 books – 5 novels, and a book of poem.

That’s what I do when I’m not in the mood of writing a story. I’m reading a book and I still have books I haven’t read yet. I feel bad for not reading them right away but I’m trying to make a commitment to read them one by one. I remember I have a goal to read 20 books this year but it can change anytime given how my reading progress is. But now I am taking a break in reading and I will focus again in writing.


I want to be a published writer and that’s because I am a reader first. I got enticed how the authors of the books I have read played on the words and created a beautiful world in my imagination. I love reading books because I learn a lot from the characters about life they’re experiencing. I love reading books because I learn a lot from the authors on how they write their novels that makes me want to write one as well. And here I am, trying and doing my own way to be writer like them. Then just last month, I realized something: I can’t write anything if I don’t read anything. Since I am aiming right now to be a romance novelist I am reading a lot of romance books. After reading, I got inspired to write again. It’s like reading is my fuel to continue the stories I am writing.

I guess that kind of writing ritual isn’t weird, right? Like I’m not the only one who has that kind of way of writing. Am I understood or what?

Anyway, I miss updating my blog. And don’t be surprised if I can’t post an entry here. Probably I’m reading again a thousand pages of book. ^^


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