Anyone Can Relate to Shakira’s Try Everything


I am merely playing over and over again the official soundtrack of Zootopia because of my niece and nephew who loves and, currently, their favorite movie. They were dancing and singing along the music while I re-write a poem, posted it my blog and trying to think what should I do next – though I really knew I have to continue work on the current story I am writing.

I was supposed to make a blog update tomorrow but Try Everything of Shakira made me write today here.

As my title for this post, yeah, anyone from different walks of life can relate to that song. Before I really decided that I’m going to be a writer I tried to work as a service crew in a fast food chain. That was my first ever work experience but in the middle of completing my contract of five months I gave up from working because of self-doubt despite the fact I can really do well. Next, I tried to be an agent in a call center for an outbound account. It’s seems an easy work but it’s not since I’m not really good in talking over the phone. During our training on the floor I made a good job in calling the potential customers and even got a chance to get that job offer. But after a week of trying, I gave up. I got intoxicated at the kind of job I’m trying to get and felt it’s not me sitting and talking at the same time thought I really love to sit as long as I want. Then, after several years, I tried again to be a call center agent. This time I got a proper training unlike from my first attempt. It was an inbound account and much easier. But, like the first one, I gave up and let go of the chance of getting a job offer. Why? I’m not comfortable in dealing the pressure from my supervisor. I want to work alone and I know what should I improve in my performance as an agent but to be reminded almost every day made my confidence disappear- slowly and surely. It made me look like I’m not a good team player but my heart in the job is really running away from that place and I have to give up again. The last job I took is in the field where I have to offer to take the credit card and I only last a day because the next day I quit. I’m not really good in facing and talking to people.


Maybe I haven’t tried everything but those four post was enough for me to realize what I really want. In between of those four job I am writing either a story or a poem. I mentioned in my previous post about my first time in sending my novel and almost accepted. But even though it was returned to me and was asked to revised it I really felt happy. And even my parents don’t approved my desire to be a writer I didn’t sway. I sometimes doubt my ability to write a good story but I always go back on my bed at night holding a pen and writing something random. And since I know what I really want to do I will TRY EVERYTHING to MAKE ME DREAM COME TRUE. Just like Judy Hopps.



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