Keep Writing Even We Complain that Time Travels Fast

It’s February already. Yey… not.

I have said in my recent blog entry, time do fly as fast as the speed of sound. Seems like yesterday is New Year and woke up this morning and it’s freaking February already. Seriously, where did January go? Did we skipped that month? Nonetheless, the lesson about that is NOT TO WASTE TIME. Especially for writers.

I really suck at managing my time. Every day I juggle my time between taking care of my niece and nephew, doing half of my mothers chores, and looking after our small store. And when the night comes, I would tell my self I would take a nap for one hour and start to write but I always ended up sleeping the entire night and I would repeat the same day all over again. If I sound making excuses, then, I guess I am. But I tried. Swear to God. Really, it’s not easy to be me.

If only things could be different though, ironically, my path as a writer is really different from what the people who knew me is expecting. On my birthday last year, my aunt nun asked me how am I doing and I answered how I’m still under God’s working progress. That answer sucks but it’s the truth. I asked Him to make me a writer and I honestly believe He is working some ways for me if only I could show Him how badly I want it. Because if I don’t work my ass off my wish wouldn’t be granted. I’m trying to be so religious. It’s in my upbringing so don’t try to judge my faith.


Anyway, since January has finally ended I will try again to write and complete the story I have started last month. I stopped writing in the middle of the month because I felt the flow of the story is getting out of hand and it won’t definitely go the ending I want it to be. But this time I have a set of scenarios for each chapter so I won’t be lost in the middle of the forest. Hopefully it would help me. Aside from that I have a set of number of words to meet everyday so by the end of the month I would meet the target word count that was asked by the publisher I’m working on.

Aside from writing the novel I will also re-write the poems I made years ago when I was a student. I’m planning to submit them to another publishing house and try if they could publish my work.

So, those are my plans for this month aside from updating my blog at least twice a week.


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