A Project in Progress

It’s the third day of 2017 already. Time doesn’t fly now but teleports, in my opinion. Next thing we knew, it’s ‘-ber’ months again. So before that thing happened soon I started already in writing a new project/novel.

For two days, I have already written around 1,3oo words. Actually, my target number of words every day is 500 but not because it’s 500 I would actually stopped in writing once I reached my goal for the day. No. As long as I can still write beyond my target I’ll continue to write until I’m out of words.

Setting a target of number of words in writing a story, I think, should be a habit whether the writer is in the zone to write or not. It should be an exercise for the brain to keep the creativity in tip top shape.


Well, I haven’t proven yet what I just said but I’m doing it. It’s like a new year’s resolution: write 500 words per day. I have to do it because I want something to be done before 2017 comes to an end. I don’t want to regret of not doing anything in making one of my aspiration come true this year. Besides, the editorial staff of the publishing company where I attended a free writing workshop is now expecting a story from me. Not just me but from the rest of workshop attendees held last year.

So this is the start of my writing adventure this year. Hopefully, I can manage to publish at least two or three novel. With a lot of hard-work, resilience, positivity and a little help of prayer, for sure, things are going to be fun for me as a writer.


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