Done 2016 Writing Adventure

“I’m going back to the start”

Just like in the lines of Coldplay’s song The Scientist, soon I’m going back at the beginning. This year I achieved the goals I almost thought it wouldn’t happen.

I. Attend a Writing Workshop

I’ve been on the lookout for the free novel writing workshop of Precious Hearts Pages for years because I believe I will learn a lot from them. But I was always too late in seeing their invitation for the free workshop until this April I finally got a head’s up about it. I immediately send and email asking the details of the workshop. I got a reply the next day and told me that they will send me an online form to fill out before the workshop. Two weeks before the said workshop I did received it and my head got excited at the upcoming event. On May 15th and July 02 I attended the workshop and left the venue with a new challenge. All the attendees must submit at least one manuscript for them to see if we can apply what they taught us in writing.


I’ve been dreaming to publish my stories in this publishing company and now I’m at their doorstep.

2. Submit a Manuscript

As soon as I got home, I started revising the novel that was once returned to me by the same publishing company who conduct the workshop. For three months I submitted my revised novel, waited for another month for the feedback and found out that my work is returned because of some confusion in some parts of the story I made. Well, at least it is not rejected. I have to work again my ass off and currently, I am revising it again.

Then last Saturday, December 17 of 2016, I attended the very first Aklat Awards(Book Awards) in the celebration and recognition of the published books, writers as well as the readers from the different brand of the publishing company. The awards was based on the online voting by the avid readers. There were prizes given away too and I was lucky to get one. And before the event ends, all who attended the workshop and submitted a manuscript despite the feedback was given a certificate in a completion for the completion of our attendance. The head editor told us that attending workshop doesn’t guarantee will be a successful writers immediately. We have to continue to write until we become one.

The things I just received, I am thankful for that. But these things is a reminder that I have taken already a step in being a published writer and there’s no turning back. The certificate is a reminder that I am expected to produce stories that can be shared to the public. It’s not an easy feat, I know. A couple of rejections or returned works will soon to arrive next year but I’m up to the challenge.

My writing adventure for 2016 is done yet everything is just starting. For the last remaining two weeks of 2016 I have to plan my writing schedule.


I am ready for my 2017 writing adventure!


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