Something Special

I don’t know your story
But know that you’re special.
You started to walk in this lifetime
unsure of path to fulfill.
A lot of questions in the head,
something wrong or something right;
But you are special
because you are meant to be special.


I don’t know what you’ve been through
Yet that only made you better, right?
Those tears you shed,
the shouts you roared up ahead,
the pain to the point of breaking;
All those harsh moments
Became a special memory now
Because you’re now beginning to be special.

I don’t know what makes you happy
Though its obvious in your smile.
Despite exhaustion and sweat,
some sleepless days and nights;
they’re all worth a waste
since it’ll be a memory soon
and will remind you in the future
how you become so special.

I don’t know what will you be.
Once the lights went off,
what is the next thing to do?
But please, know this truth.
If the curtains finally fell down,
You are special, shaped to be special;
doing special things, making others feel special.
And that makes you something special.



NOTE: This poem is dedicated to the amazing members of ONE OK ROCK.


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