Turning Point

Writing is my passion. Being a published writer is my dream. Tomorrow I will attend a writing workshop for the very first time and I am considering it as a turning point in my writing career.

Up until now, my confidence in writing is still low. My parents doesn’t support it and they’re opinion still matters. Yeah, I’m also in the right age to decide on my own but no one knows how deep the wound was when they’re belittling my passion. It was sad yet not all parents are supportive in their child’s dream. I’m not mad at my parents, to make it straight. I actually love them and I know where their objection’s coming from. We’re just a practical family. My parents sent us to college so we could have a good job with good monthly income. But me, on the other hand, isn’t content with every thing good. I want to be different and be the best in a craft I wanted to flourish, and that is being a writer. Sadly, being a writer isn’t practical for them especially writers in my country isn’t much in demand unless the story is published first in Wattpad and got a lot of likes and reads.

So, what is the problem?

My problem is I can’t say to my parents that I’m going to a writing workshop tomorrow without getting a disappointed and doubtful look. I know I have to be brave on this and no matter what happens I will go tomorrow. But the upcoming impression is killing me a lot. I also know they would allow me to go tomorrow but I will definitely leave tomorrow with a sad thought that they don’t like what I’m doing.

You may say I’m over thinking but no, I’m not. I knew my parents, especially my mother. She would say writing is nonsense like how nonsense it is for me to keep a lot of books in my room. It hurts. My heart was being broken again into tiny pieces. But I’m used to it. I somehow managed not to cry.

To the person who is reading this, I’m sorry for making you sad. This is my reality as a struggling writer. Anyway, don’t worry. I’ll still go tomorrow for writing workshop because I need it and I want it because my dream of being a published writer is still inside of me. I know I can do it, for sure. I just have to let out this anxiousness I’m feeling right now.

And as I end this, let me tell you this. I may be struggling but I am not giving up. Tomorrow is the start of everything for me.



One thought on “Turning Point

  1. Sableyes says:

    If you do not do what you want because people doubt you, you will spend your life working in crummy jobs and being miserable. If they do not support you and cannot see that, their opinion does NOT matter.

    Good luck with the workshop!


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