One OK Rock Rocks!

To Taka, Toru, Ryouta, and Tomoya of One OK Rock,

Thank you for taking us to the top of a great concert experience. The event last night is really an epic memory that made us love you deeper than we already have for you.

We may be stuck in the middle of your Asian tour, but when the clock strikes for your performance we had not yet start our last dance. Instead, we all cry out to the top of our lungs and the heartaches we endured during the long wait finally disappeared when we finally sang along with you. When we light up our phones, when you let us sing the lines in Nihonggo, its a good decision, right, to be in our country?

Then suddenly, before we all knew it, it’s already time to say goodbye. It saddened us so we gave you a reason to keep playing music along the beat of our hearts. We all know its not yet the end because we all just began rocking each other’s world.

Yet our time together is up. Deep inside, we all plead, “Don’t go.” But its impossible since gravity will pulls us back to reality of moving on. You went backstage and we truly felt how mighty we fell in love with you.

You were tired already but we, fans, became selfish – wanting to see you again on the stage for one last time before the night ends. Gomenasai for being selfish because we don’t know when will you see us again.

Then you all went back to stage to our much delight. You asked us if we still want to sing along with you, and we yelled, “YES!”

For the last time, in whichever part of the arena, we all got emotional in acoustics, has not been scared in banging our heads hard, throwing our hands up high, jumping up and down on our feet, and singing at the very top of our lungs. And once again, we started to hope and dream of your comeback.


For Tomoya, stay healthy and always find time to rest your shoulders. I know you’re having a lot of fun in slamming those drums of yours but, still, take care of yourself.

For Ryota, aren’t you getting some sickness for not wearing your shirt during concert? Haha. You also take care of yourself, okay? And I really love your bass guitar with lights.

For Toru, you’re seems to be shy yet so passionate like the rest of your band mates. I wonder if you’re a serious type. Anyway, take good care of your fingers. And I actually have a crush on you. 😉

For Taka, I know you got emotional when we we’re all singing Wherever You Are during encore, but I’m just curious if you cried or went teary-eyed in that moment. Whatever your answer is, like the first three, take care of yourself, especially your voice. Me and my friend noticed your voice is getting out of shape and tired. But still we love your hard work for giving us the best performance we could ask for. Arigatou! 

For One OK Rock, as a whole, don’t stop continue making music because we fans from Philippines will also continue in supporting you. And please, I BEG YOU, in behalf of your Filipino ONE OK ROCKers, KEEP YOUR PROMISE IN COMING BACK. As early as next year of January would be great.

For Amuse Asia Inc., thank you for bringing them to our country. For PULP Live Tour, MYX, The Philippine Star, Monster Radio RX93.1, SM Mall of Asia Arena, thank you for sponsoring this event. The concert would be this successful if it wasn’t for you. thank you so much.

Thank you for the blast last night! We are looking forward in rocking with you again, and this time, its gonna be beyond epic than we have shown you last night! ^^





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