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Heads Up!



These are my books. They’re all second hand and 75% of them hasn’t been read yet by me. Actually, buying books are my stress reliever unlike other(girls, particularly) who went into shopping or eating to release some bad emotions in the body.

So why am I showing this?

Answer: I want to share the stories I am reading: the thought, the feelings, and some take-aways. Practically, I’m trying also to make a book review in every books I will read. It won’t be perfect book review in the first several book review post I will make but hopefully I will also learn in the process.

Heads Up! The start of posting my very first book review is first week of January, 2016. And the first book review I’m going to post is Les Miserable by Victor Hugo.

Yeah, I know. I’m ambitious, but being like that isn’t a bad thing at all, as long as it is in proper ways. And, this only means I have a goal that I want to achieve.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Reading and writing always go hand-in-hand that’s why I’m doing this.

Okay. This is all for now! Happy Christmas in advance and see you all in 2016! ^^