One Last Wish

All I want now is a moment with you
One last time in keeping my dreams that’s few
Closing part of my feelings that outgrew
My one last chance to show my love for you.

A day and a night spending my one wish
Where sun and stars’ light in sky will unleash
Our memories will not be abolish
Yet will stay behind far out of reach.

There I will memorize your only face
Savor every minute without a haste
Hear the beat of your heart I’d always chase
As my hope to have you are beyond gaze.

Just your arms around me as you can be
Cradling me beyond my dreams that is free
Feeling your love whose far from what I see
Just what I want is your arms around me.

This is my one last wish before you go
Same as my dream I want you to do so
Just this one wish, I’ll give you to my foe
Fulfilled my last wish then I’ll let you go.


Note: This poem was written in June 16, 2006, and this is like a turning point for me in giving up in chasing my first love and move on.


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