Day 2 of 2015 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Surrender

Just Give It Up and Let It Go

I’m lost to where I should go
Confusing, but it seems so
Why didn’t I know?
What should I show?
For gods to see my rainbow.

For a long time I am mad
Alongside of being sad
When did it start?
Where should I part?
Regarding my work of art.

I know life isn’t simple
Hardships makes us a cripple
How will I stand?
How will I land?
To keep a dream in my hand.

This is really frustrating
Maybe I should stop thinking
Of what to take
Or when to break
Better rest and have a cake.

So this is now my resolve
A way for me to evolve
I shall work and smile
Will laugh even I cry
Get up if I fall down
Unless its a lawn I can roll on.

At this point, stanza’s are getting crazy
I struggle how to make new poem baby
I gave up in perfecting it
Just write how I feel like it
Doesn’t matter anymore if I’m getting lazy.


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