Day 31 of the October Platform Challenge: Leave a Comment

I’m grateful I did this challenge. I was actually hesitant at the beginning, thinking I might fail at keeping up. I lost my writing confidence and been keeping myself away from writing things I wanted to write. Plus I don’t know if there’s someone who would pay attention at my work. But as I go along with everyday challenge I realized I’m gaining again my confidence to write my thoughts again. I was a blogger of my own thoughts years ago but for some discouragement I had I stop and close down my blog. But now I have a new blog and I knew I can keep it now for a very long time.

The October Platform Challenge, I thought at first it was a workshop for writing. Well, I thought wrong and its good I was wrong. I realized the whole October Platform is stepping out from our comfort zone, building and maintaining our audience that we already reached, making new acquaintances, giving and taking inspirations from other writers, and yet still having fun since the life is hard already.

I know life is hard but we writers are here to at least make some things a little bit easier. Life for writers isn’t definitely easy but we find happiness in writing and sharing our voices to the world by using the tools we already have.

Robert, thank you for the whole month of challenge. I became happy again in writing. Thank you. ^^


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