Candle Lights for Souls in the House

November 1.

This particular date is popularly known in every parts of the world as Halloween night. But for Catholic faithfuls, like the Filipino’s, today is the celebration of All Saints Day. The Philippines were conquered by Spaniards using religion. The friars taught Catholicism and its ways in professing faith. That includes the feast and traditions.

Today, again, is All Saints Day for the Catholics. If taken literally, this is a feast for all the saints heralded to heaven. But, for Filipino’s, this is not just for all the saints but for the souls inhabiting in each houses, and when the dawn comes people light up candles just outside of the house – a symbol that they are recognized and a wish for them to be always at peace.

Was it creepy to know that each houses has a couple of souls accompanying a family?

At one point, yes. Several years ago I got a chance to see a dark shadow from the side of my eyes and that was confirmed by my brother who also saw what I saw. It happened after  the clock hits 12 midnight and we just finished watching a scary movie. That experience scares me and it will be forever remembered. Anyway, me and my family we’re cool with it. We believe that if we continue to live in love, harmony and unwavering faith in God, the souls living with us will be also at peace. But then again, maybe our family are just lucky to have a kind and playful soul living with us. There are houses who has dark souls no matter how loving and faithful a family is.


May the soul in our house be always at peace.


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