Day 22 of the October Platform Challenge: Make 3 New Connections

DONE! Three from Twitter and two from Facebook.

To be honest, I’m starting to procrastinate again and this is bad! I’ve been absent for more than a week because of my cousins thesis and thankfully its done. Thankfully, she pass. The downside, seems like I lost my focus in October Platform Challenge.

This is sickness already. Once I felt I’m so left behind I started to get lazy and find some excuses until I gave up. Yet I don’t want to give up. Not now when we’re several days away to the finish line.

I know this doesn’t make sense. Yet I still want you to know who I really am when I lost my focus. I tend to give up especially from the past which is totally a sign of cowardice and low self-esteem.

To the persons who I just make new connections, this is a heads up. I know I sounded bad therefore I’m asking for your apology because I’m not making sense anymore. I’m tired from whole days activity outside writing. 😦


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