Day 21 of the October Platform Challenge: Research Market

For this challenge, my eyes we’re set for two publication company. Both are publishing books. I almost penetrated the first one but gave up because of some discouragement from my family(and it really broke my heart). Nonetheless, I’m back to writing again, and I won’t falter. Though this time, its going to be tough since the competition has become tight.

Mostly, the most famous platform in our country to get a book published is thru Wattpad and Booklat.

Wattpad is popular in every corners of the world while Booklat is pretty known locally in our country.

Anyway, through these two platforms a lot of books have been published under several publishing company in our country. Some of the books were traslated into the big screen while others we’re given life in one of our local channel everynight. Amazing, right?

I don’t know if what I told you is somewhat related to the challenge.

Research Market.

Searching market.

Market means audience, right?

So this challenge means looking for an audience for your work, right?

If that is the case then, I’m done. I know who is my target audience. Now what’s left to do is keep writing until I reach them.


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