Rant Mode!

By this minute, I have less than 7 hours to complete all the financial statements that my cousin needed in their thesis. Their defense will happen in less than 10 hours from this point! Wow! Can I really finish these before their actual defense? Probably yes, if I’m not going to sleep.

See, I’m going to skip all the platform challenge of the day again in Writer’s Digest. I want to be consistent yet the thesis is preventing me.

I know this is part of me returning the favor but honestly they’d not given me enough figures to complete the financial statements so probably I may not finish this in time. Though I’m still gonna try. After all, my cousin is going to graduate already and she needed to overcome this one of the final challenge in her college years.

Okay. Enough of this! I just wanted to release my frustration. Time is slipping by so fast.

Good luck to me, though.


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