Day 20 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge: Search for Yourself

I-googled myself and my two FB accounts emerged.

I’m amazed to see how someone can easily find me. Not that I’m one-in-a-million person. Its just that some people have the same names, worst, they could be posers.

Nonetheless, from what the Google pulled out I see how similar I am from these past few years to the present me. I’m still an anime fan and I still love writing and reading. That thing never changed though it went to the next level. I guess this is me I’ve made of all through these years.

Some people I knew hated the idea that I’m still into anime. They think is childish but its not, really. There were a lot of gores, blood-splatter, and perverted scenes/episodes/series mostly released quarterly.(I’m getting sensitive again. Sorry)

Moving on, yep, writing really never left me. I made some fan fictions that got a lot of comments and likes and follows until I stopped for some reasons that I’ve forgotten.
20141023-0007 Another thing that hasn’t changed is my love in reading. I have a lot of books you know and some of them were second hand bought in sale. I haven’t read most of them. Kinda sad but I’m keeping them until I read all of them.


To me, yeah. Keep it up!


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