Day 18 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge: Contact an Expert for an Interview Post – Part One


The moment I saw the challenge, I got scared. This is out of my comfort zone. Yet, then again, this whole month challenge is not about getting comfortable in our own world. Everything is about pushing ourselves beyond our limits. But still, I’m scared and the big question is who am I gonna interview? I have none in my brain bank, actually. I have no problems in generating questions. I’m more worried in who am I going to approach even its just in e-mail.


Should I ask someone known locally or the persons from another country? Plus, I must compose a decent request letter so I can have an interview even in e-mail.


I have to think carefully the person I’m going to contact. No pressure, I guess. TT^TT

I don’t want to fail in this. We’re almost half-way of the challenges and I can’t give up now. So this is my take-away for this challenge. I’ll be posting the Part 2 of this once I got successful and finally got an interview. Promise!


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