Explaining Myself: October Platform Challenge

This is crazy. I’m six days behind the platform challenge. I’m not getting lazy, just to make it clear. Yet last week was a pretty busy week for me with some part of our house getting some little renovation so we could have a pretty new house this upcoming christmas. Plus, my cousin has her thesis and with my background in accounting she seek for my help to do their group’s financial statements. I have been getting a couple of hours of sleep just by doing all the entries, the balancing the accounts, and projecting the cost of their business for five consecutive years, and I’m telling you its not easy to the point its getting me crazy again.

I know I should get a time for writing. But this thesis is one of most important tickets to graduate in college. There is a need for me to step up and help her since I’m the only she could turn to especially when it comes to accounting. Besides, I’m just returning the favor that me and my brother received when we’re studying in college. We’re always at my cousin’s house to use their computers since we had none back then. My aunt and uncle accomodates us siblings like its our second home already and we are truly grateful for them because my brother graduated with flying colors and I found my escape in their home. So now, me and my family we’re helping my cousin to get through the thesis because if my cousin pass and graduated she can finally help her family to have a better lifestyle.

That’s all. Thank you. ^^


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