Day 14 of the October Platform Challenge: Create a Time Management

Mentally, this challenge is done. Everything is handy including my time to write. In the morning, I clean the house, cook for breakfast and lunch, sometimes doing laundy every other day. Then comes noon time. I am able to rest watch my favorite noon time show. In the afternoon, I’m going to start what to cook for dinner. After dinner, of course, washing dishes. And when everything is done, its my time to face the monitor and starts to write what I needed to write or what I want to write. But there were days I won’t write anything but read the books I’ve bought, manga or comics online, or some interesting articles. The next day, repeat the routine.

This has been my life routine since I am unemployed. Well, we have a little store so I am also in charge time to time to look after it.

Was it dull?


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