The Heart of My Mother

My mother
The woman I love the best;
A friend always at my test.
From falling
‘Til I rise and flying.

My mother
An enemy humiliates my simple dreams
My foe who hurts my esteem
I guess that’s what it takes
To be my mother.

My mother
Having a love purer than gold
Feels her affection in every mold
To her embrace
I felt I’m a child in disgrace.

My mother
Appreciates my loss, even I break laws
My mother will stand up for me
Always love me and never leaves me.

My mother I am truly loved
From her womb,
Until I came to my destined tomb.


This poem is made nine years ago. I was kinda irritated at my mother that time because she keeps my self-esteem go down. But when I got sick she is the only one beside me, who is taking care of me. And that’s when I realized no matter how mad I can be to my mother, her love for me won’t diminish at all. I remember I got teary eyed while I compose this poem. We’ll that’s the time I fully understand how its like to be a mother in a daughter’s perspective.



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