Soundtripping with One OK Rock

My favorite rock band from Japan

So…I’m in the zone right now to write something I really like. Honestly, I’m about to write a draft for the novel I am dying to write. But I can’t write without hearing any music that’s why I’m playing some music. Currently, this is the band I’m listening and this is the music that is currently playing.

Wasn’t it nice?

They are One OK Rock from Japan and I started to love them way back 2012 when the live-action movie of Rurouni Kenshin(Samurai X) hits the big screen. My friends (who is also an anime fan like me) encouraged me to listen to the OST of the movie and the rest is history. I am already a fan.

Their songs, of course, are in Japanese language. There are some verses in their songs that are in English language. But what I think their edge to other band or artist in Asia is the delivery and melody of the songs. I didn’t fell in love in this band because of their good looking vocalist(which I later realized how cute he is) but because of the intensity and the emotion they are displaying in every song they play despite the fact that I can’t totally understand the real meaning of the song. And when I searched for translations of their song I would realized that the feelings I get from listening to them is the true meaning they’re delivering. Am I confusing you? Me too. I’m confused. Haha.

Anyway, this is just a little sharing about me. I love the music in Japan.

P.S.  They have a concert in our country January, 2016 and I can’t wait to sing along with them during their performance. Now, I’m all excited. ^^


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