From the Day We Met: The Story


The Story

Aya is neither the brightest nor the prettiest girl in her school yet she’s popular by being late. Since she entered high school she was named “The Late Princess”. But she’s not just an ordinary late comer, she do it in most ridiculous, outrageous, and dangerous way. How? She just climbs up the school wall about almost six feet and jumped over on the other side of the wall. Crazy, isn’t she? If she went to school early, then something is wrong with her.

Then, there’s Zeke from a private school who is a typical prince who possesses fame, fortune, popularity, and intelligence. It’s so typical you can easily figure out what kind of life he’s leading so there’s no need a further introduction. And of course, his circumstances with girls are typical: some worshipped him, idolized him, obsessed with him. But there is one girl who is so possessive about him. The typical solution, find a girl who would kick her butt off.

End of their personal story.

How about their story together?


P.S. Either the prologue or chapter one will be posted this Saturday. ^^


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