The Little Boy Who Cried Over Expensive Books

A few days ago, this wailing boy went viral on Facebook: shared for over a hundred thousand times and viewed for 3 million times. His mother, Michelle, recorded her 4 year old mortified son over the expensive books in a book store.

I know the people who will read this post isn’t a Filipino so I tried my best to translate the conversation of Maji and his mother Michelle in English language so people will understand what Maji’s fighting for.

Start of Conversation

Son: That’s not what I want
Mother: The prices here are reasonable so what’s the problem?
Son: Don’t you think its expensive?
Mother: Not really
Son: It’s expensive, isn’t it? The one that we bought? It’s expensive, so expensive.
Mother: I already bought it for you even its expensive.
Son: Then why are the other books I have read…why are they so expensive?
Mother: I don’t know. Ask the store lady?
Son: Why is it the other books here are expensive? I wanted to narrow down the price.
Mother: There’s no way in narrowing the price because that is already the price.
Son: What I want is to narrow the price.
Mother: The other books are cheap here.
Son: But why is the other books I saw was so expensive? Why?
Mother: Well, that’s what their boss said.
Son: Tell them…tell to their boss to narrow down the price.
Mother: C’mon. Let’s change your clothes first…
Son: So the other can buy…
Mother: See, I bought this already. Its two hundred seventy two, cheaper than the first one. Look.
Son: But why are the others so expensive?
Mother: It’s a fixed price. Even its Book Sale, some books are expensive.
Son: Why is it like… its sale right?
Mother: It’s sale, right?
Son: Its sale… its sale… right?
Mother: What’s the meaning of sale?
Son: Sale, not expensive.
Mother: Okay. But they’re paying for electricities here, the salary of the sales lady.
Son: I don’t like expensive.
Mother: We can’t do anything about that. C’mon, let’s get you change your clothes.
Son: Then tell them to their boss to lower the prices…because… the people who isn’t rich can buy books too.(this got me teary eyed)
Mother: Okay. Okay. We’ll gonna tell that to their boss.
Son: Tell them…
Mother: (To the sales lady) Oh, miss tell that to your boss, okay? (To son) Okay, they’ll gonna that to their boss already. C’mon, let’s change your clothes now. Stop crying. I already bought the book for you. Open it. Even its expensive I still bought it.
Son: Even though its expensive…look, its still expensive.
Mother: Its okay now. I bought it already. There’s nothing we can do about it. We cannot change the price.
Son: The others…let them change because…because its night, right…night, they’re gonna change
Mother: The others has fixed price already. We can not change it.
Son: They want to change….
Mother: Enough already, okay?
Son: They must produced a lot of copy of that(he’s talking about the book)
Mother: What copy?
Son: The copy…of…(sorry I can’t comprehend what he’s saying anymore)
Mother: Which one?
Son: The ‘You Can’t Be With Another One’(yes! I finally got it…I guess)
Mother: Okay. Okay, next time. We’re gonna tell them…
Son: Let’s tell them, when it night time…
Mother: Let’s go already. Yeah, We’ll tell them…
Son: *wailing*
Mother: C’mon. Its okay already.
Son: Ma, get them out…
Mother: Maji, that’s enough now. Let’s go now.

End of Conversation

What a boy!

In this era of technologies, the kids nowadays can hardly see a book in their hands. Most of them has either phone, Ipads, tablets, etc in their sight. But this boy, Maji, he is really a wonder to me. He knew how important book is. He knew that not all people can buy books because most of them are too expensive for other people who hasn’t enough money. Isn’t he a bright child? At the young age, he’s already concerned for the people who can’t have a book. We saw him wailed not cried, and he wailed because the book his mother bought for him is still expensive despite the fact that its cheaper already. Ah, before I forget. The exchange rate of Peso to Dollar here is playing around 45 to 46 Pesos in 1 Dollar. So if we convert it to dollar then, the 270 pesos is around 5 dollar. Was it cheaper in dollar? I don’t have any idea. But for me, its really expensive already. But if the quality and content of the book can match the price, why not, right?

Anyway, I shared this video because this gives me another motivation to write. There are still kids who reads. They’re just waiting for the right stories to be written for them to enjoy. And we, as a writers, we need to write for them so they can learn more.


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