Day 9 of the October Platform Challenge: Create an Editorial Calendar

I don’t understand this challenge at first. But after reading the instructions several times I’ve finally understood how important this challenge is.

So basically, this is about scheduling what to post and when to post in our blogs or websites.

20151011-0001 20151011-0002

When I thought about scheduling the photos above suddenly hits me, and I realized, finally I can use it. Its been a year since I bought this planner and I was still thinking how to use it there is no reason yet to use it.

And this is the plan.

First, that poetry blog. I’m planning to delete that permenantly and transfer it to this blog. I realized its hard to manage two blog at the same time. After the transfer I’ll try to make two poems to post every Sunday.

Finally, I’m gonna create a new blog in WordPress and I would link it to this blog. I’m gonna write there my fantasy story that has been in my mind for several years. I’ll post it every Saturday.

So there. For now. Things may change. But at least I have a heads-up.


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