Day 10 of the October Platform Challenge: Include Call to Action in Blog

To be honest, the challenge is getting tougher for me but I carried on. Successfully. *whew*

I just posted a poem in this blog, (see below this post) and shared it in my twitter account. Its not easy, you know. The choice of words inviting someone to read your work on blog.

The result of this challenge is not going to be easy. Comments aren’t easy to get. I know the feeling so right this minute I’m not keeping my hopes high in order not to feel a great disappointment. I am not that great and I shouldn’t be expecting a lot from others. I think what mattered in this challenge is the courage to share your work, may it be crappy or a work of art. If I receive a comment, well, thank you for the time reading my work. If none, so be it. Just be thankful for a chance of sharing something you’re proud of. And I’m proud of the poem I just made.

That’s all folks. Ja ne!(In English, see you again)


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