Day 5 of the October Platform Challenge: Join Facebook

DONE! I created a new account and its

The reason I created a new one is I want this to be in a professional field. The content of my first account was full of my personality that all of my friends knew about me. And if I use it for this challenge, then I have to change to public all the information I am hiding from them. Of course, I want to share to my friends my dream of being a writer but I am not a type of person who shows what I’m doing especially if they are really close to me. I’m a shy person and the only time I could proudly share my passion in writing if I became a legit published writer.

Yes, I have a low self-esteem. I am not confident to show and tell everything about me that makes me a liar. Most of the people already doubted my ability to write and it hurts. I took up business administration in college but I didn’t finish it because those books, pen, and papers continues to waves at me, enticing me to inked down all the plots playing in my mind. I chose my passion for writing than finishing my undergraduate studies. Its risky and unfortunately, I have to lie again.

Now, I’m getting dramatic here so its better to stop before I could spill another word that would incriminate me.

Important is this new account will give me a freedom to share what I am as a writer and what can I do more.

So there. Thank you and sorry for being dramatic awhile ago.

Peace out!


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