Chasing A Dream

I checked the status of a story I posted in Wattpad, and I’m kinda disheartened to see that no one is reading them. Now I’m thinking of deleting them again for the nth time. There are number of reads but those numbers came from me when I’m re-reading my work. Then I’m starting to question myself. Am I really meant to be a writer?

I wanted to cry. I’ve been trying to share my skill in storytelling but it seems to be futile. No one is paying attention when I’m already writing in our own language.

I’m feeling hopeless and frustrated right now yet I have to move on.

At this point, the thought of deleting the story I started to write is now void. Yes, I have to move on and keep writing. Just like what Lola(Grandma) Nidora always said there’s always a right time to everything. We need to work hard everyday if we really want to achieve something. We need to be patient in chasing whatever we are chasing in life because in God’s time He will give us what we are asking for.

I guess its okay to question myself from time to time in order to see what is important, what to prioritize.

In the end, I will keep that story in Wattpad. Whether they read it or not, it will stay there. It’s one of my life treasure. A story made by me.

Now I am smiling.


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