Expectation Vs. Reality : FIBA Asia turned into Masterchef Asia

As I compose this entry, there is a battle between China and Philippines in FIBA Asia. I am a Filipino so forgive me if I will say something not good.

I am watching the game while doing this(multi-tasking) and as of the moment Calvin Abueva is fouled out from the game, and I’m sad to see him walking to their bench.

We all knew we could to lose them but not to the extent of giving our team a lot of bad calls from the referees.

The expectations of my fellow countrymen is a good championship game with the tendency that we could lose but reality shows a cooking battle. Expectations were FIBA Asia but it turns out to be Masterchef Asia. I am not pertaining to the Chinese Team. I am talking about the referees officiating the game. They’re the one’s who dishes some calls that didn’t exist against in both team.

Obviously, I’m frustrated at the referees. They’re only looking at our teams fault. What about the other team? And when there is a need to call against China, wow, it didn’t exist. Where is the fairness in there?

I am not used to swearing foul words but watching the referees job almost made me yet probably the whole Filipino nation did swear a lot of foul words in our language against them.

I am doing this to release my frustration to those referees. They’re not good referees! Period!

*inhale exhale*

I am not mad at the Chinese team. I am mad to the referees because they’re not doing their job properly. Are they blind? Do they need a couple of eyeglasses to see what’s foul and what’s not?

Now, as of 10.24 PM (GMT+8), Chinese got the final slot in Rio Olympics. Okay, congrats to them. They’ve done their part in the game.

To our beloved Gilas Pilipinas Team, the whole nation is so proud of them. They fell short but the team earned RESPECT and ADMIRATION. Their performance in the entire tournament shows how passionate the Filipino’s are when it comes to basketball.

We lose but we will fight. We have a heart as huge as this planet, we will continue to fight. We still have 2016 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Match.

Laban Pilipinas! Puso!


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