Day 3 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge: Start a Writing Blog

And hello. Welcome to my blog. My writing den.

So, what should I put in these post? Hm. ( ・◇・)?

Yes. Start a Writing Blog. I created this blog yesterday to monitor my progress in Platform Challenge, and I think it’s a good start since its been years when I started to be a blogger(and deleting them when I can’t keep it). Anyway, this time I’m gonna keep this blog for keeps. I want this one to be a turning point in my life of being a writer. Aside from the challenges in October Platform Challenge, I will also write in this blog all the thoughts about the books I’m reading, the poems I’ve been writing and sharing, the love team I am admiring right now(a certified ALDUB fan here), and all the feeling I should not hide. Oh yeah, before I forgot, I will also post Anime stuffs because I am an Anime fan as well. Most of people might find me childish but who cares. I know who I am and I am not a book to be judge!

*inhale, exhale*

Sorry for getting out of track. I am sensitive in anime stuffs. Gomenasai(I am sorry).

Before I abandon this post, I wanted to say to my future visitors of my blog, thank you for reading the crazy and not so crazy stuffs I’m gonna write here.


If I commit a wrong grammar, please tell me. Questions, comments, suggestion were highly appreciated. Well, violent reactions will also do.  ^^


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