Throwback Poems

I just finished posting the first two poems I wrote in another site. I failed to post one throwback poem yesterday so I am posting two to make it up.

The poems was made when I was in third high and trying to show-off my skill or abilities since I was new in the class. Not that I’m a transferee student but I was designate to a different class section and I have no one to talk to. So, that time, writing poems and drawing some anime faces is my way to introduce myself to the new class and to earn new friends.

Now, reading back my very first few poems I found my composition awkward, and I ask myself “What am I talking about here?” and “Ugh, the line had incomplete thought.” But I was a beginner then. All beginners tends to make a lot of mistakes, and I am no genius to proclaim myself a great poet in that time.

I love poems like how I like fiction stories. And like writing fiction stories I also like writing poems.

I am a writer, and I am a  poet as well.



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