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Day 30 of the October Platform Challenge: Step Away for Your Writing Part 2

What a great timing.

Before I could read the challenge for the day I was already thinking of continuing the story I am working on. I’m on a chapter three and its kinda serious yet still humorous as well. I’m writing a story targeting young adults mostly since, nowadays, there are some increase of readers in our country and most of them were young adults. Well, I’m not young anymore but my heart, my outlook, and probably my looks, too, were still young.

So, that’s it. I have to continue writing and hoping to post it in Wattpad.

Tomorrow is the last day, and I’m happy I’ve done the October Challenge.

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Day 29 of the October Platform Challenge: Join Another Social Media Site

And I joined, Tumblr. I just completed my profile but I still have no idea what to post. Hmmm.

Change topic by the way. Two more days and the October Platform Challenge is over. Great, isn’t it? I’m surprise I would be able to complete this. First in the history of my life.  Yey! *throws confetti*

This post is short, obviously but I’m thinking what to post at the end of the month. Probably, the stuff I learned.

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Day 28 of the October Platform Challenge: Join Goodreads

So, I’ve joined Goodreads.

I think this site is mostly for reviews about books. We’ll I love books and I have a lot of them in my shelf. I haven’t read most of them yet but I’m starting tonight to read one of them. Hopefully I can finish the whole book without going to dreamland.

Then I saw this 2015 Reading Challenge. It will challenge you the number of books of you can read in a year. So, how many books I can read before the year ends?


I haven’t finished the Les Miserable yet, and I don’t think I can include it in this challenge because I’m still half away from finishing the whole novel, though I really love the story.

Should I take the challenge or not?

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Day 27 of the October Platform Challenge: Get Social

Again, I failed to join the #platchal on Twitter. I’ve been away from my laptop because I’m helping my parents in some house renovations.

So for this challenge, I just joined a conversation. A horror author have this Q&A portion. I just simply replied then all of a sudden I got connection in being scared in writing. That conversation makes me happy. It means, I’m not the only one who has the same opinion.

I’m so happy I got to do this challenge. ^^

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Day 26 of the October Platform Challenge: Make a Task List

Task list for November.

It just like the October Platform Challenge but its going to be different.

November is National Novel Writing Month, and I’ve been thinking for these past few days how to manage the whole November month without skipping a day of writing.

After posting the 28th day of the challenge, I’m gonna dive into my editorial calendar along with my organizer to plan ahead for NaNOWriMo! Its another challenge to take head-on and this is gonna be my first time in taking the said challenge.


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Day 25 of the October Platform Challenge: Pitch a Guest Post for Another Blog

I am an anime fan and recently I finished watching a series that is related to basketball. I wrote a review and I’m planning to post it in a website and to a fanpage in Facebook. I’m pretty knowledgeable in anime so I know I can get a lot of audience there and most of them are my friends.

And now that we’re in this challenge I’m planning to include in this blog some reviews in some shows or series I’m watching. Just like a blogger I am following all this time because of Aldub.

Anyway, thanks for this. I got another idea how to expand my audience. ^^

This doesn’t make any sense?? Or it is me who do senseless things??

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Day 24 of the October Platform Challenge: Write Blog Post

For more than a week I haven’t post anything about the progress in this challenge. So today I’m gonna post from day 21st to 28th challenge.

I always like to write something in my blog everyday. But I’ve lost it these past two weeks so I have to make it up.

Today, this is the fourth post in this blog. It could be annoying for posting all at the same day but if I didn’t do it I might get lazy again. Not now that I’m on a roll to write and write and write something until I write the story I’ve been working on.

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Day 23 of the October Platform Challenge: Think SEO

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Basically, from my own understanding, SEO is about the number of words or quality of words that can be found in your post online that can be pulled out at the top of search list. Do you get what I mean?

I guess the best way to optimize the search engine is through tags and categories. If we could find right words that can get a huge attention from our target market, then we are on the roll.

Sadly, I’m poor at optimizing the search engine. But I won’t give up. I’ll try and try and try again.

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Day 22 of the October Platform Challenge: Make 3 New Connections

DONE! Three from Twitter and two from Facebook.

To be honest, I’m starting to procrastinate again and this is bad! I’ve been absent for more than a week because of my cousins thesis and thankfully its done. Thankfully, she pass. The downside, seems like I lost my focus in October Platform Challenge.

This is sickness already. Once I felt I’m so left behind I started to get lazy and find some excuses until I gave up. Yet I don’t want to give up. Not now when we’re several days away to the finish line.

I know this doesn’t make sense. Yet I still want you to know who I really am when I lost my focus. I tend to give up especially from the past which is totally a sign of cowardice and low self-esteem.

To the persons who I just make new connections, this is a heads up. I know I sounded bad therefore I’m asking for your apology because I’m not making sense anymore. I’m tired from whole days activity outside writing. 😦

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Day 21 of the October Platform Challenge: Research Market

For this challenge, my eyes we’re set for two publication company. Both are publishing books. I almost penetrated the first one but gave up because of some discouragement from my family(and it really broke my heart). Nonetheless, I’m back to writing again, and I won’t falter. Though this time, its going to be tough since the competition has become tight.

Mostly, the most famous platform in our country to get a book published is thru Wattpad and Booklat.

Wattpad is popular in every corners of the world while Booklat is pretty known locally in our country.

Anyway, through these two platforms a lot of books have been published under several publishing company in our country. Some of the books were traslated into the big screen while others we’re given life in one of our local channel everynight. Amazing, right?

I don’t know if what I told you is somewhat related to the challenge.

Research Market.

Searching market.

Market means audience, right?

So this challenge means looking for an audience for your work, right?

If that is the case then, I’m done. I know who is my target audience. Now what’s left to do is keep writing until I reach them.

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Rant Mode!

By this minute, I have less than 7 hours to complete all the financial statements that my cousin needed in their thesis. Their defense will happen in less than 10 hours from this point! Wow! Can I really finish these before their actual defense? Probably yes, if I’m not going to sleep.

See, I’m going to skip all the platform challenge of the day again in Writer’s Digest. I want to be consistent yet the thesis is preventing me.

I know this is part of me returning the favor but honestly they’d not given me enough figures to complete the financial statements so probably I may not finish this in time. Though I’m still gonna try. After all, my cousin is going to graduate already and she needed to overcome this one of the final challenge in her college years.

Okay. Enough of this! I just wanted to release my frustration. Time is slipping by so fast.

Good luck to me, though.

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Day 20 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge: Search for Yourself

I-googled myself and my two FB accounts emerged.

I’m amazed to see how someone can easily find me. Not that I’m one-in-a-million person. Its just that some people have the same names, worst, they could be posers.

Nonetheless, from what the Google pulled out I see how similar I am from these past few years to the present me. I’m still an anime fan and I still love writing and reading. That thing never changed though it went to the next level. I guess this is me I’ve made of all through these years.

Some people I knew hated the idea that I’m still into anime. They think is childish but its not, really. There were a lot of gores, blood-splatter, and perverted scenes/episodes/series mostly released quarterly.(I’m getting sensitive again. Sorry)

Moving on, yep, writing really never left me. I made some fan fictions that got a lot of comments and likes and follows until I stopped for some reasons that I’ve forgotten.
20141023-0007 Another thing that hasn’t changed is my love in reading. I have a lot of books you know and some of them were second hand bought in sale. I haven’t read most of them. Kinda sad but I’m keeping them until I read all of them.


To me, yeah. Keep it up!

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Day 19 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge: Research Live Events

At first I thought the live events pertains only about writings but as I read the instructions I understand it shouldn’t be limited in our craft. It could be somthing else that isn’t related to writing at all.

For me, there’s been an event I am looking forward to attend to. Its gonna happen January, 2016 and its a concert of Japanese band in our country. I have tickets actually so I’m very much excited in this concert.

Why I am looking forward to it?

First, I like this band and their songs. Two, its my first time attending a live concert and I wanted to feel the environment in such event. And third, the story playing in my mind was actually born in this band’s song.

It could be a concert but there’s a great chance that I could pull of the story from beginning to end. ^^

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Day 18 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge: Contact an Expert for an Interview Post – Part One


The moment I saw the challenge, I got scared. This is out of my comfort zone. Yet, then again, this whole month challenge is not about getting comfortable in our own world. Everything is about pushing ourselves beyond our limits. But still, I’m scared and the big question is who am I gonna interview? I have none in my brain bank, actually. I have no problems in generating questions. I’m more worried in who am I going to approach even its just in e-mail.


Should I ask someone known locally or the persons from another country? Plus, I must compose a decent request letter so I can have an interview even in e-mail.


I have to think carefully the person I’m going to contact. No pressure, I guess. TT^TT

I don’t want to fail in this. We’re almost half-way of the challenges and I can’t give up now. So this is my take-away for this challenge. I’ll be posting the Part 2 of this once I got successful and finally got an interview. Promise!

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Day 17 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge: Include an Image in Blog Post


So, I’ve been away for almost a week and I haven’t been able to do the challenges right on the spot. Yet, the poem I posted last Saturday included an image of Pokemon! It was a throwback poem and originally posted in my first FB account. I have included an image in that poem because someone might not understand who Pikachu is, and Wheezing as well.

Did I mention already that I’m a certified anime fan?

Anyway, I include an image in my poem or in any writings when it inspires me to write something. I also find an image that would fit in the mood of my writings. Sometimes I also include music videos along the images in my post to heighten the mood I wanted to convey. But it was the images we were talking though it was the same with videos. Images and videos can take our writings or post to another level.


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Day 16 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge: Step Away for Your Writing

For this challenge, I completed it right away since I saw a glimpse of time to do so.

I’m not very familiar with Google+ though I already have it a couple of years ago. Perhaps one of these coming days I will dig in deeper in this platform because lately I’m not really going into my social media sites except twitter because of ALDUB(hehe…I’m a fan).

I know Google+ has a same features of Facebook and kinda works similarly yet they’re different. Maybe if I stayed more time in this platform I might discover its better than Facebook because lately its not working for me especially to my other account(I have two accounts in FB).

Anyway, let’s try and see once the thesis is done.

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Day 15 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge: Step Away for Your Writing

In this particular challenge, I’ve done it three days after and that would be in day 18 of the challenge.

Things happened and I’ve got prevented to do my tasks for this challenge. Nonetheless, I completed a chapter I have posted in Wattpad which is a nice achievement for me because I’ve written more than three thousand words in one sitting at night.

I can only only step away for writing every night because my day time is so busy and I can’t think straight if there’s a lot of distraction like my favorite show in noontime which I can’t pass by, the store I’m looking after, the chores and the thesis of my cousin.

Not quite busy, no? But I’m going to make sure every night I would write five to seven sentences for a story I currently writing.

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Day 14 of the October Platform Challenge: Create a Time Management

Mentally, this challenge is done. Everything is handy including my time to write. In the morning, I clean the house, cook for breakfast and lunch, sometimes doing laundy every other day. Then comes noon time. I am able to rest watch my favorite noon time show. In the afternoon, I’m going to start what to cook for dinner. After dinner, of course, washing dishes. And when everything is done, its my time to face the monitor and starts to write what I needed to write or what I want to write. But there were days I won’t write anything but read the books I’ve bought, manga or comics online, or some interesting articles. The next day, repeat the routine.

This has been my life routine since I am unemployed. Well, we have a little store so I am also in charge time to time to look after it.

Was it dull?

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Explaining Myself: October Platform Challenge

This is crazy. I’m six days behind the platform challenge. I’m not getting lazy, just to make it clear. Yet last week was a pretty busy week for me with some part of our house getting some little renovation so we could have a pretty new house this upcoming christmas. Plus, my cousin has her thesis and with my background in accounting she seek for my help to do their group’s financial statements. I have been getting a couple of hours of sleep just by doing all the entries, the balancing the accounts, and projecting the cost of their business for five consecutive years, and I’m telling you its not easy to the point its getting me crazy again.

I know I should get a time for writing. But this thesis is one of most important tickets to graduate in college. There is a need for me to step up and help her since I’m the only she could turn to especially when it comes to accounting. Besides, I’m just returning the favor that me and my brother received when we’re studying in college. We’re always at my cousin’s house to use their computers since we had none back then. My aunt and uncle accomodates us siblings like its our second home already and we are truly grateful for them because my brother graduated with flying colors and I found my escape in their home. So now, me and my family we’re helping my cousin to get through the thesis because if my cousin pass and graduated she can finally help her family to have a better lifestyle.

That’s all. Thank you. ^^